Don’t Miss This Opportunity – Apply for a Workshop on Quran Manuscripts and Digital Tools

Don’t Miss This Opportunity – Apply for a Workshop on Quran Manuscripts and Digital Tools

Are you a PhD student with a passion for Islamic studies and a desire to gain a deeper understanding of the Quran manuscripts? If so, QMSB invites you to apply for the upcoming workshop entitled: “Quranic Manuscripts: Past and Present, Cataloging and Digital Tools“.

This workshop, presented by Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation in collaboration with Berlin State Library and Corpue Coranicum, aims to provide participants with a unique opportunity to explore the history and significance of Quranic manuscripts, and to learn about the latest digital tools and techniques for cataloging and preserving these unique Islamic documents.

Why should you apply for this workshop?

Firstly, this workshop offers an unparalleled chance to gain insight into the Islamic tradition and deepen your understanding of the Quran handwritten. By studying original manuscripts and learning about their history and significance, you will gain a unique perspective on the Quranic text and its transmission through the centuries.

Secondly, this workshop will equip you with valuable skills and knowledge that will be useful throughout your academic career. With a focus on digital tools and techniques, you will learn how to catalog and preserve manuscripts using the latest technologies, and gain a solid foundation in the principles of manuscript studies.

Thirdly, this workshop offers an opportunity to connect with other scholars and experts in the field of Islamic studies. You will have the chance to network with fellow PhD students, as well as with established scholars and researchers, and to learn from their insights and experiences.

Finally, by participating in this workshop, you will have the opportunity to engage with this important organization and to contribute to its mission of preserving and promoting Islamic manuscript heritage worldwide.

How to apply for this workshop?

In order to apply for the Qur’an manuscripts workshop, please download the attached document to view all necessary information and instructions. It is important to submit your application by the deadline of May 3rd 2023.

With its focus on history, digital tools, networking, and engagement with a leading Islamic heritage organization, this workshop offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on Quran manuscripts and to advance your academic career.

Written by
Ahmed W. Shaker

Ahmed W. Shaker

Researcher and Editor-in-Chief of Quran Manuscripts Studies Blog