Abdallah El-Khatib
 Studying Old Quranic manuscript and Quranic manuscripts is a highly important field of knowledge which deserves complete institutions. QMSB is an important place where scholars and researchers can meet to discuss new issues and discover what is the current developments in this field. 
Nick Posegay
 QMSB brings together scholars of different fields to advance the study of Qur'anic manuscripts. Even more importantly, it makes this scholarship accessible to anyone who is interested in it, not just specialists 
Arianna D'Ottone Rambach
 Early Qur’anic fragments and manuscripts represent a unique cultural heritage that deserves in-depth and careful study. QMSB contributes to advancing and spreading the research in this field, hosting scholarly meetings, and promoting the scientific dialogue. 
Giulia Gallini
 What I like the most is that QMSB actively contributes to building and spreading the knowledge on Qur'anic manuscripts—the articles and interviews are meaningful and enjoyable by both experts and non-experts. I see QMSB as a reliable bridge between academic knowledge and the popularization of the study of Qur'anic fragments. 

Ahmed W. Shaker

Researcher and Editor-in-Chief of Quran Manuscripts Studies Blog